Spotify introduces feature to override recommendations for selected playlists

spotify exclude from your taste profile

Spotify is launching a new feature called Exclude from your Taste Profile that allows users to inform the platform to disregard specific playlists when determining their musical preferences. The aim of this feature is to keep recommendations from being dominated by songs and artists that do not align with the listener’s general listening habits.

This feature can prove to be quite useful in various scenarios. For example, a sleep playlist that is frequently played might not necessarily have the type of music the listener wants to listen to when they are awake. A similar situation occurs with work playlists which might be completely different from one’s musical taste outside of work.

Additionally, the feature is ideal for parents who want to have easy access to their kids’ music through a playlist without the algorithm suggesting more kid-oriented music such as Kidz Bop or Pinkfong.

According to Spotify, the feature will be available on Spotify’s iOS, Android, desktop apps, and web player. To exclude a playlist, simply select it, tap the three dots button, and tap the “Exclude from your taste profile” button. Although the rollout of the feature has just begun, users may not immediately have access to it.