Sonos increases prices of its Beam and Sub products

sonos sub and beam price increase

Sonos, the popular audio equipment manufacturer, has quietly increased the prices of its Beam and Sub products. The price of the second-generation Beam, which was $449 just a week ago, has been increased by $50, and it is now shown as $499 on the Sonos website and retailers like Best Buy. Similarly, the Sub has also been bumped up by $50, bringing the new price to $749 from $699.

Sonos has attributed the price increase to the current supply chain crunch, which has led to a shortage of components, and an increase in demand for its products. The price hike is also part of a broader strategy that includes raising the prices of almost all of its speakers. Most of the products have gone up by about 10%, with some receiving a $50 or $100 increase in price.

It’s worth noting that Sonos has released a new version of the Sub, which is smaller and more affordable, priced at $429. However, the Sub Mini is not a replacement for the standard Sub, which continues to be sold at the higher price point.

While the price increase may be disappointing for some Sonos fans, it is not unexpected given the current state of the global supply chain. Despite the higher prices, Sonos products continue to be popular and highly regarded for their quality and performance, and the company is expected to continue to innovate and expand its product offerings in the future.