Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect to TV (2024 Fix)

nintendo switch won't connect to tv

So you’ve tried hooking up your Nintendo Switch to your TV, pictures flash quickly on the screen and the TV goes blank with a “No signal” message. You’ve tried everything you could to fix this problem without any luck. We understand how frustrating this problem can be.

Starting to think you have a defective Switch? Not yet. If your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to your TV while the Switch console is docked, this guide will help you fix the problem.

Now let’s explore a couple of fixes for Nintendo Switch won’t connect to TV.


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Solution 1: Take a look at the power cord and plug your cables in correct order

nintendo switch won't connect to tv

Your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to TV if the power cable is not plugged completely into the docking station. Many people neglect this tiny detail when troubleshooting this problem.

If the power cord is plugged correctly into the docking station, you would see a green light on and the dock should charge your Switch without a problem. Of course no image will be displayed on your TV if the dock is not receiving power or enough power as a matter of fact.

Now, aside from the power cable, we also recommend unplugging everything other thing in your dock and plugging them back correctly after a few minutes.

We recommend following this order:

  • First, unplug all cables from the Switch dock including the AC adapter cable, USB cable and HDMI cable.
  • Now plug in USB-C power adapter into Nintendo Switch dock.
  • Next plug in HDMI to dock.
  • After that, plug in HDMI to TV.
  • Insert your Nintendo Switch console into the dock.
  • Finally, turn on TV and select input.


Solution 2: Select the right input

Choosing the right input channel or source on your TV is key.

If your TV has different HDMI ports (say, HDMI 1 and HDMI 2), be sure to select the right one where your HDMI cables are plugged into. If your HDMI cable is plugged into HDMI 2, and you select HDMI 1 on your TV, your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to your TV. HDMI ports are labelled correctly on most TVs.

Do not shy away from testing different ports on your TV.

One weird solution is inserting your Nintendo Switch console in the dock after selecting the right HDMI input on your TV.

Solution 3: Make sure the switch console is placed properly in the dock

nintendo switch won't connect to tv

Examine the dock and be sure the Nintendo Switch is properly seated in the dock without obstructions. Sometimes, removing the Switch from the dock and putting it back after some minutes fixes this problem.

In the same vein, unplugging and plugging back your dock a few times, fixes this issue.

It is worth mentioning that if the port on the Switch (yes, the Switch) is faulty, your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to your TV.

Solution 4: Your dock might be faulty

nintendo switch won't connect to tv

If you’ve placed the Switch properly in the dock and the problem still persists, you might have a defective dock.

Alternatively, you could try using someone else’s dock. If you’re able to connect the Switch to your TV without a problem, your docking station is defective. Remember, the Switch dock plays two roles: charging the Switch console and connecting it to a TV via an HDMI cable.

You can fix or order a new dock from the Nintendo, if you discover your dock is faulty.

Nintendo sells the Switch with a 1-year warranty. If your warranty is not up, you can have your dock replaced.

We also recommend having a second dock as backup. It does not cost an arm and a leg.


Solution 5: Check TV settings on your switch

nintendo switch won't connect to tv

Be sure to set your TV output to “Auto” especially if it does not support 1080p, also known as Full HD or FHD.

Similarly if you have RGB range set to “Full”, setting it to “Limited” and your resolution to “Auto” should fix the problem. You might want to turn off power syn as well.

Even if your TV has a 4K resolution, switching the resolution from “Auto” to “720p” or “480p” via the Switch settings may resolve the problem as well.

Solution 6: Reset your Nintendo Switch and TV

This may seem trivial, but if your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to TV, resetting your console might fix the issue. You can do this by holding the power button on your Switch for 10 – 15 seconds.

Hard resetting your smart TV may resolve this problem, too.


Solution 7: Try a different TV

nintendo switch won't connect to tv

Have you tried hooking up your Switch to a different TV all together? If no, give it a go and see if your Nintendo Switch will connect to the new TV.

Before giving a different TV a go, try unplugging all inputs from the old TV, hold the power button on the TV for a few seconds, then plug all the cables back in. If your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to TV, your TV’s HDMI ports could be faulty.

Don’t have a spare TV? You could use a monitor to troubleshoot this problem.


Solution 8: Use different HDMI cables

nintendo switch won't connect to tv

One of the solutions to Nintendo Switch won’t connect to TV is using different HDMI cables.

Do not be tempted to use old HDMI cables, especially the one already hooked up to your TV. Sometimes your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to TV if your HDMI cable is old. If you’re getting new HDMI cables, go for the best.

Aside from a 6.2-inch tablet, a charger, two Joy-Con controllers, a Joy-Con grip, and a TV dock, your Switch ships with an HDMI cable. Make use of it. However, it might interest you to know that sometimes your Nintendo Switch console might ship with a faulty HDMI cable. This is worth noting.


Solution 9: Reset AC adapter

If no image is displayed on your TV while the Nintendo Switch console is docked you may consider resetting the AC adapter.

Disconnect the AC from the docking station and wall for at least 30 seconds. Now without placing the Switch console in the dock, plug the adapter to the console and directly to the wall.

Turn on your console.


Solution 10: Update your TV firmware

nintendo switch won't connect to tv

To rule out outdated software as a possible cause for this problem, we recommend updating your TV to the latest firmware.  Some TVs won’t work with your Nintendo Switch console if the firmware is not updated to the most recent.

Many gadgets function effectively when drives, firmware and important components are up-to-date.

Solution 11: Send your Switch console to Nintendo

If all else fails and none of this helps, you might consider sending your Switch to the manufacturer. Nintendo has trained technicians who have handled this issue in the past. So they will hopefully fix your Nintendo Switch.  Nintendo has great customer support.

It might take some time for the manufacturer to assess the problem, fix the problem and ship it back to you. But the wait is worth it.

You may get a new Switch if your warranty has not expired.


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Final Thoughts

The Nintendo Switch is a great console when used on a TV and as a portable device on the go. If your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to TV, one of the fixes we’ve recommended should help you resolve the problem. We hope this helps.