Next gen Intel LGA1851 desktop CPU surfaces online

A sneak peek into Intel's upcoming desktop CPU architecture has surfaced online

An image of Intel’s upcoming desktop CPU architecture has surfaced online. While this image might not seem revolutionary at first glance, it provides a glimpse into the development of Intel’s future offerings, particularly those associated with the Meteor Lake-S microarchitecture.

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The leaked image, first published by @wxnod and later shared by HKEPC, showcases a CPU with distinct features that align with schematics previously seen. Notably, the CPU carries the LGA1851 designation, denoting its compatibility with Intel’s next-gen desktop socket. However, the most intriguing detail about this snapshot is its manufacturing date – indicated by the Intel FPO code. The code, in this case, reads “D234,” where “D” signifies the country of manufacture (potentially D1 fabs in Oregon) and “234” indicates the week and year of production. Impressively, the CPU was manufactured in week 34 of 2022, making it just under a year old.

Although Meteor Lake-S was previously rumored to have been canceled, this discovery challenges that notion. This engineering sample’s existence hints that Intel had made significant progress on the Meteor Lake-S development path before any potential decision to halt production. Possible reasons for the cancellation could include low yields, performance issues, or other setbacks. Some speculate that the Raptor Lake refresh, itself an iteration of the 12th Gen Alder Lake architecture, might have been conceived as a temporary solution.

Moreover, the presence of these engineering samples raises questions about their purpose. One theory is that they were created before any decision to discontinue Meteor Lake-S, possibly to aid motherboard manufacturers in designing compatible LGA1851 motherboards. Alternatively, these CPUs could serve as test platforms for Intel’s advanced technologies, such as the Intel 4 process, tile architecture, or Foveros packaging.

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While this is a mere glimpse into Intel’s CPU development, it highlights the intricate processes and considerations that go into bringing a processor to market. Ultimately, the leaked image of the LGA1851 Meteor Lake-S sample unveils a world of speculation and anticipation for Intel’s future offerings. As the tech world eagerly awaits official announcements from Intel, this leak provides a tantalizing preview of what’s to come in the ever-evolving landscape of desktop.