New Twitch feature enables streamers to ban users from viewing streams

Twitch will let streamers ban users from watching their streams

Twitch has announced an upcoming feature that empowers streamers to ban users from viewing their streams. This innovative feature comes in response to concerns about abusive behavior in chat and within live broadcasts. When activated by streamers or moderators, the feature will not only prevent banned users from participating in chat but also completely block them from accessing the livestreams in real-time.

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Currently, Twitch bans do not inhibit users from watching streams, leading to concerns over continued harassment. With this forthcoming feature, streamers gain enhanced control over their streaming environment, fostering a safer and more positive atmosphere for both content creators and viewers. This development aligns with Twitch’s ongoing efforts to address online abuse and create a more inclusive space for its users.

The new feature fills a crucial gap in Twitch’s moderation capabilities, allowing streamers to effectively isolate problematic users and protect their community. The platform’s management of user behavior has been under scrutiny in the past, highlighting the necessity for measures that empower streamers. By giving them the ability to enforce bans beyond chat interactions, Twitch aims to raise the bar for online content moderation and set an example for other streaming platforms.

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This change also echoes Twitch’s commitment to adapt and evolve its platform in response to user feedback. The announcement comes on the heels of a recent trend among social media and streaming services to provide users with more tools to control their online experience. While challenges such as hate raids have presented significant hurdles, Twitch’s move to enable streamers to ban users from watching their streams demonstrates its dedication to fostering a safer and more enjoyable environment for all users.