Is it OK to Leave PS5 in Rest Mode All the Time?

Is it OK to Leave PS5 in Rest Mode All the Time

The PlayStation 5’s Rest Mode is a convenient feature, allowing you to quickly resume games and downloads without a full shutdown. But for gamers who value efficiency and longevity, a question lingers: is it perfectly safe to leave your PS5 in Rest Mode all the time? We’ll delve into the pros and cons of constantly using Rest Mode, exploring its impact on your console’s lifespan, energy consumption, and overall performance.

So, is it OK to leave the PS5 in Rest Mode all the time?

Benefits of Using Rest Mode

Rest Mode offers several advantages that enhance the overall PlayStation experience.

Download Games and Updates Overnight

Imagine starting your day with a fresh download complete, ready to jump into the latest game or update. Rest Mode allows you to seamlessly download content while your console rests, ensuring you have the newest experiences waiting for you when you power back on.

Faster Boot Times

Unlike a full shutdown, Rest Mode keeps the core system components powered, enabling a significantly faster boot time when you’re ready to resume your gaming adventures. No more waiting through lengthy loading screens – Rest Mode gets you back in the action quicker.

Charge Controllers While You Sleep

Never worry about a dead controller mid-game again. With Rest Mode activated, you can connect your DualSense controllers to the console and have them charging even while the PS5 is in its low-power state. Power up your controllers alongside your console, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay sessions.

Potential Drawbacks of Constant Rest Mode

Is it OK to Leave PS5 in Rest Mode All the Time

While Rest Mode boasts undeniable benefits, it’s not without its downsides.

Increased Power Consumption

Compared to a complete shutdown, Rest Mode does consume a minimal amount of power. While the exact numbers might seem insignificant, leaving your PS5 in this state for extended periods can contribute to slightly higher electricity bills over time.

Risk of Data Corruption (Though Mitigatable)

While uncommon, power outages can pose a slight risk of data corruption if your PS5 is in Rest Mode during the surge. This risk can be minimized by ensuring your console is plugged into a surge protector, safeguarding it from unexpected power fluctuations.

Overheating Concerns

Proper ventilation is crucial for any electronic device, and the PS5 is no exception. Leaving your console in a poorly ventilated space while in Rest Mode could potentially lead to overheating issues. Make sure your PS5 has ample breathing room for optimal airflow.

Remote Wake-up Functionality

Rest Mode allows you to remotely wake up your PS5 using the PlayStation App on your smartphone. However, this functionality might not always work flawlessly, potentially causing minor inconveniences.

Addressing Concerns

Let’s address some common concerns regarding using Rest Mode extensively.

How Much Power Does Rest Mode Actually Use?

Studies have shown that the PS5’s Rest Mode consumes around 1-2 watts of power, compared to the near-zero wattage of a full shutdown. While the difference seems small, it can add up over long periods.

Mitigating Data Corruption Risk

As mentioned earlier, a surge protector is your best friend against data corruption during power outages. Additionally, enabling automatic updates ensures your system software stays current, potentially reducing the chance of conflicts that might lead to data loss.

PS5 Ventilation Tips

Sony recommends placing your PS5 on a flat, solid surface with at least 10 cm of clearance on either side and the back for proper ventilation. Avoid cramming your console into a tight space or covering its vents with objects.

So, should you leave your PS5 in Rest Mode all the time?

Is it OK to Leave PS5 in Rest Mode All the Time

So, should you leave your PS5 in Rest Mode all the time? The answer depends on your priorities. If convenience is paramount and you frequently download games or updates overnight, Rest Mode offers a clear advantage. However, if you’re an environmentally conscious gamer or prioritize minimal power consumption, a full shutdown might be the better choice.

Remember, there’s also a middle ground – you can leverage scheduled updates to download content while the console is powered on and then shut it down completely when not in use.


Q. Is it safe to leave my PS5 in Rest Mode during a thunderstorm?
A. While unlikely, power fluctuations during storms can potentially damage your console. It’s best to completely shut down your PS5 and unplug it from the power source during severe weather events.

Q. Can I put my PS5 in Rest Mode with an external hard drive connected?
A. Sony recommends safely removing external hard drives before putting your PS5 in Rest Mode to minimize potential connection issues.

Q. How do I schedule updates on my PS5?
A. Go to Settings > System > Software Update > Schedule Update Downloads. Here, you can choose the frequency and time for automatic updates to occur.

Q. What happens if my PS5 accidentally powers off while in Rest Mode?
A. In most cases, your PS5 will simply resume normally when you turn it back on. However, there’s a slight chance of data corruption, especially if the console was in the middle of writing data. It’s always a good practice to ensure downloads and installations are complete before putting your PS5 in Rest Mode.

Q. Is there a way to see how much power my PS5 is using in Rest Mode?
A. Unfortunately, the PS5 doesn’t offer a built-in feature to monitor power consumption in Rest Mode. However, some smart plugs can track energy usage, allowing you to estimate the power draw of your console when in this low-power state.