12 Games to Play on a Laptop Without a Mouse in 2024

games to play on laptop without mouse

Playing a game with just a keyboard is not always easy. Some games are more forgiving than others, but it’s still an inconvenience. If you’re looking for something that you can play on your laptop without a mouse then we have highlighted the best games for you to try and enjoy.

We’ve narrowed down the best games to play on a laptop without mouse. If you don’t have a mouse, or your laptop doesn’t have one, these games will be perfect for you.


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1. Super Meat Boy

games to play on laptop without mouse

This is a tough-as-nails platformer where you play as a meat boy who wants to save his girlfriend, Bandage Girl.

It is a 2D side-scrolling game where the player controls an animated cube of meat named ‘Meat Boy’. The game’s levels are challenging and full of traps that try to kill the player character with fire, saw blades, electric shocks, among other things.

The Super Meat Boy was the brainchild of Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, who created it in 2010 when they were both working at independent video game developer Team Meat. In development for over three years, the game was released for Microsoft Windows in October 2010 and later ported to Mac OS X, Linux, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4.

2. Dragon’s Lair

games to play on laptop without mouse

The Dragon’s Lair is an arcade-style action game. In the game, you play as a knight on a quest to save the princess from the villain, Singe. You watch a movie of your character moving through the castle, while encountering various monsters and obstacles. The player controls what happens next by entering commands that correspond with what they see on screen.

Specifically, the player takes the role of Dirk the Daring, a knight on a quest to rescue Princess Daphne from an evil dragon known as Singe who has locked her away in his castle at the center of a maze-like dungeon called The Dragon’s Lair. Dirk must find five treasures as well as elude those same traps to reach his goal through 26 scenes, which include perilous animals, jumping pits, fire-belching dragons, rolling boulders and narrow ledges or paths suspended high in the air.

3. Shovel Knight

games to play on laptop without mouse

The Shovel Knight is a character who travels around to defeat evil knights in order to save his lover. This is a platform and action-adventure game that takes some of the best elements from classic games, adds modern touches, and combines them all with innovative gameplay.

The gameplay consists of using a shovel to attack enemies and dig treasure chests from the ground. The story involves the protagonist – Shovel Knight – fighting against “The Order of No Quarter” which consists of several bosses: Black Knight, Treasure Knight, Polar Knight, King Knight, Bazooka Joe and Shield Knight.

There are many abilities that need to be mastered to progress through this game, but it never feels overwhelming or tedious. With just 8 levels, it has a short story arc but is still engaging with enough depth to have replay value for those looking for more challenge or just wanting to try out new strategies or find all of the secrets hidden. The Shovel Knight remains one of the best games to play on a laptop without a mouse.

4. Risk of Rain

games to play on laptop without mouse

In this game, players must guide a group of survivors from the zombie apocalypse to safety, while managing their hunger and the risk of dying from infection or being killed by the undead horde. Players will need to scavenge supplies while avoiding hazards such as spiked pits and other zombies in order to survive for five days before reaching the extraction point on day 5.

The Risk of Rain features a dynamic weather system that can generate lightning storms, tornadoes and acid rain which will not only affect combat but also other aspects such as wet surfaces making it more difficult to move around.

There are some risks players must take in this game. You could die without receiving any experience points if you don’t find an item before reaching level 50, which resets the player to level 1. Death will happen often, so it’s best to have saved your game before starting your adventure or take screenshots so you can come back to life later.

5. Swords of Ditto

games to play on laptop without mouse

The game is an open-ended roguelike RPG where players can switch between generations of characters to explore different regions. The game starts with your child character waking up in a forest.

This game is pretty straightforward and the gameplay is somewhat easy to learn. There are only two things you need to do: go around exploring and fighting monsters, and upgrading your character’s skills.

Swords of Ditto does not require much micromanagement compared to other games of similar genres. You don’t need to decide what weapons or armor should be equipped or how many healing potions should be taken along for the journey, but you still have the ability to customize the look of your character before starting their journey in

There are two ways to beat the game. You can either beat the final boss or you can complete all of the quests in order to open up new areas on each island. It is one of the best games to play on a laptop without a mouse.

6. Endless Sky

games to play on laptop without mouse

Endless Sky is a space exploration and adventure game with a vast and detailed universe. Fly from star to star, explore it and gather exotic life forms. You can also design your own spacecrafts and build space stations.

Players start their journeys by waking up in space on the planet of their choice. From here, they can choose to fly to any star in the galaxy – or explore on foot if they want to stay put for now. They can also navigate through an interactive map of all known worlds that are connected by hyperspace routes.

7. Typing of the Dead: Overkill

games to play on laptop without mouse

The Typing of the Dead is a game where the players kill zombies by typing words that appear on the screen. The player must type words as they appear on the screen before zombies will die. There are two modes in this game – Arcade and Survival. Arcade mode is to complete a level within a time limit and Survival mode is to survive as long as possible.

This zombie-themed educational computer game teaches players to type words by using a virtual keyboard to kill undead monsters before they attack the player’s remaining “health” points, which are represented by a row of word balloons at the bottom of the screen. The player must type the words appearing on the balloons in sequence to kill zombies before they reach him or her. It also features two levels of difficulty – easy and hard.

8. Terminal Velocity

games to play on laptop without mouse

Terminal Velocity is an arcade game that has been around for more than 15 years.

It is a 2D space shooter that takes place in space, players control the spacecrafts that are armed with weapons to destroy their enemies. The player can also acquire power-ups like shields, missiles and guns to enhance the destruction.

This game requires speed, precision, and patience. Players will be zooming through the level at breakneck speeds while trying to collect circles while avoiding spikes. To control their avatars, you can swipe left or right on your screen to move them in the corresponding direction or tap on the screen to jump. The goal of the game is to get as far as you can without running out of time. Terminal velocity is still one of the best games to play on a laptop without a mouse.

9. The Wolf Among Us

games to play on laptop without mouse

The Wolf Among Us is an episodic graphic adventure game based on the award-winning Fables comic book series (DC Comics/Vertigo). It was developed by Telltale Games and published by TellTale Games.

It is a story-driven, urban fantasy game in which you are Bigby Wolf, the Sheriff of Fabletown. You must investigate the murder of Faith, the Snow Queen’s Handmaiden. Along the way, you will explore your complicated history with other characters from Fabletown and make important decisions that will affect their lives.

10. Telltale’s Batman

games to play on laptop without mouse

This is an episodic graphic adventure video game series based on the DC Comics superhero Batman and developed by Telltale Games. The game consists of five episodes that follow both Bruce Wayne and Batman as they fight to save Gotham City from the new threat rising in Arkham City.

The Telltale’s Batman game follows the same episodic structure as many other Telltale games. The player will have to make important decisions when it comes to moral principles and tough choices in order to shape Batman’s character.

In Telltale’s Batman game, the player takes the role of Batman from an unknown future time when he has been forced to take his own life by a criminal gang to save Gotham City. This leaves Bruce Wayne’s reputation intact and deprives Alfred Pennyworth of any chance to live in peace after his master’s passing.

There are five episodes that follow Batman’s storyline in season one of the game. The game spans across generations as Bruce Wayne deals with new ills plaguing Gotham City such as Mr. Freeze before retiring his Batman persona to raise a family with Selina Kyle.

11. Limbo

games to play on laptop without mouse

Limbo is a puzzle-platformer game that was released in 2010. The player controls a boy who explores the forest in order to find his sister named Limbo. The game is often praised for its artistic graphics, tight design, and good puzzles.

It entails solving puzzles and avoiding traps, such as spikes and giant rolling balls. Limbo does not have any dialog or narration, so the story is told through the environment and by actions such as pulling levers and opening gates.

This game is appropriate for both children and adults to play, but it should be noted that there are some violent images in the game. There are multiple ways to die, depending on the type of environment you are currently in.

12. Super Hexagon

games to play on laptop without mouse

The Super Hexagon game is a tough game that tests player’s reaction time. It was designed by Terry Cavanagh and it is similar to the Tetris Game.

In Super Hexagon, you control a small triangle as it rotates around a hexagonal center point. In the first level, there are six walls surrounding the center point and they rotate counterclockwise at medium speed. Your goal is to avoid touching the walls by moving the triangle from side to side, but you can’t touch any of them or else it’s game over.


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Wrapping Up

We’ve x-rayed the games you can play play on a laptop without a mouse.  If you don’t have a mouse, or your laptop doesn’t have one, these games will be perfect for you. Our recommendations are worth giving a try.