Discord AirPods not working (Quick fixes)

Discord AirPods not working

Discord stands as a beloved communication platform, particularly among gamers and online communities. For those seeking to elevate their auditory journey on this platform, the use of AirPods can indeed be a game-changer. Yet, every so often, users may encounter the vexing dilemma of their AirPods failing to function on Discord.

This predicament not only proves exasperating but also undermines one’s ability to interact seamlessly with friends and fellow gamers. In this article, our aim is to delve into the common reasons behind the AirPods-Discord compatibility problems and furnish you with straightforward solutions.

Solution 1: Ensure proper pairing of your AirPods 

Our first point of action in addressing this issue entails ensuring the proper pairing of your AirPods with your device. To execute this, navigate to your device’s settings app, tap on Bluetooth, and meticulously scrutinize whether your AirPods are listed as connected.

If, regrettably, they fail to make this appearance, it may become necessary to undertake the process of re-pairing them, a task often delineated in your device’s user manual.

Solution 2: Update your software 

A recurrent culprit behind AirPods refusing to work with Discord lies in the realm of software glitches. To remedy this, we suggest embarking on a dual software update expedition: one for your device and another for your AirPods. For your device’s software, commence by delving into the settings app, then venture into the general tab, and meticulously scour for any available software updates.

In parallel, to ensure your AirPods are running the latest software iteration, establish a connection between them and your device, navigate to the settings app, delve into the general section, and initiate the software update procedure.

Solution 3: Initiate a reboot 

If, regrettably, your AirPods still persist in their Discord obstinacy, a prudent course of action would be to initiate a reboot for both your device and your AirPods. For your device, this entails pressing and holding the power button until the screen prompts the slide to power off.

Subsequently, slide the switch to effectuate the shutdown. As for your AirPods, simply place them back into their charging case and allow a minimum of 15 seconds to elapse before withdrawing them once more.

Solution 4: Reset AirPods to their factory settings

Should your AirPods remain obstinate despite your best efforts thus far, it might be necessary to resort to the ultimate measure: resetting them to their factory settings. To accomplish this, navigate to the settings app, delve into the general category, and select the reset option. Here, opt for the reset all settings alternative, then diligently follow the instructions that manifest to conclude the reset process.

Final thoughts

In the event that your AirPods find Discord a tough nut to crack, we have highlighted a sequence of steps that you can diligently pursue to surmount this issue. Verify the pairing, update the software, execute restarts for both your device and AirPods, and if the situation dictates, initiate a reset to factory settings. By meticulously adhering to these guidelines, you will invariably restore your AirPods to harmonious Discord functionality, thereby enhancing your auditory adventure on this platform.