Can You Connect a VR Headset to Xbox in 2024? Quick Answer

can you connect a vr headset to xbox

Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive experience that can transport you to a digital world using sophisticated hardware and software. VR headsets are available in different models and brands, such as the HTC Vive, Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, Meta Quest 2, HP Reverb G2, and Valve Index, among others.

However, can you connect a VR headset to Xbox? Let’s explore the possibilities.

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So, can you connect a VR headset to Xbox?

Yes, you can connect certain VR headsets to your Xbox console. The Xbox One is compatible with several VR headsets, including the PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Rift. By using the AirServer app, you can cast your Oculus Quest to your Xbox One. Additionally, the Xbox One Streaming app allows you to play Xbox One games directly on your Oculus Rift.

can you connect a vr headset to xbox
The PlayStation VR is compatible with Xbox One

However, it is important to note that the newer Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles do not currently support any VR headsets.

There was a rumour that an update for the Xbox wireless headset would allow for VR headset compatibility, but Microsoft has since clarified that this was a translation error and no such update exists.

Will the Oculus Quest 2 work with Xbox One?

can you connect a vr headset to xbox
The majority of games available on the Quest virtual reality platform are not compatible with the Xbox controller

If you’re looking to pair the Oculus Quest 2 with your Xbox console, it’s worth noting that only 5% of the games on the Quest are compatible with the Xbox controller. So, while you can certainly give it a try, you may not get the best experience.

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How About the PlayStation VR and Xbox One?

can you connect a vr headset to xbox
Pairing the PlayStation VR with Xbox One may not provide optimal viewing experience

As for the PlayStation VR and Xbox One, they are indeed compatible, but keep in mind that the PlayStation VR will only display an HD video source in cinema mode. This means that while you can still play games, the experience may not be as immersive as it would be with other VR headsets.