Can the PS5 download games while off? (Quick answer)

PS5 Game Controller Powered On
Does the PS5 need to be on to be able to download a game?

The PlayStation 5 has garnered widespread acclaim for its remarkable strides in performance compared to its predecessor, the PlayStation 4. One noteworthy area where the PS5 has made significant advancements is its capacity to download games even when the console is powered down. This feature, aptly termed “background downloading,” bestows upon players the convenience of acquiring games and additional content while they’re distanced from their gaming hub. We shall delve into the background downloading prowess of the PS5 and evaluate how it stacks up against the PS4’s capabilities.

So, Can the PS5 download games while off?

PS5 Play Station Powered off in vertical standing position with game controller resting against it.

The PS5 cannot download games while off. However, the PS5 can download games while in a low-power “Rest Mode.” In Rest Mode, the PS5 remains partially active and can continue downloading games and updates in the background. Wish to upgrade your old play station? Check out the latest PS5 price.

A primary boon of background downloading on the PS5 is its ability to enable game and content downloads even when players are not in close proximity to their console. This means that once you return home, you can instantly immerse yourself in a new gaming adventure without enduring the agonizing wait of a protracted download. Furthermore, the PS5 generously supports concurrent downloads, allowing players to fetch multiple games simultaneously.

The PS5’s background downloading prowess outpaces that of the PS4 in various dimensions. Its beefed-up processor and enhanced networking capabilities translate into swifter and more efficient game downloads compared to its predecessor. What’s more, the PS5 endows players with greater flexibility in managing their downloads, affording them the ability to prioritize downloads and fine-tune download speeds according to their preferences.

Another feather in the cap of the PS5’s background downloading capabilities is its compatibility with the console’s Rest Mode. Rest Mode is an energy-saving feature that empowers the PS5 to persistently download games and other content even when it’s in standby mode. This means that players can initiate downloads overnight or during their absence, returning home to find their games ready to play without any delay.

Final thoughts

PS5 Play station laying down horizontally with game controller on top of it.
PS5 can download games even in “Rest Mode.”

The PS5’s background downloading capabilities mark a substantial leap forward compared to the PS4. Players can seamlessly download games and additional content while distanced from their console, and the ability to handle multiple downloads simultaneously enhances convenience. The PS5’s robust processor and improved networking prowess further ensure that game downloads are not just faster but also more efficient. Whether you’re a seasoned PlayStation enthusiast or just embarking on your gaming journey, the PS5’s background downloading features elevate the gaming experience to new heights of convenience and enjoyment.