Can Surface Pro 9 Run Valorant?

The Surface Pro 9 is a powerful 2-in-1 device, blurring the lines between laptop and tablet. But can it handle the fast-paced action of Valorant? This article dives into the specs of the Surface Pro 9 and compares them to the demands of Valorant. We’ll explore whether you can experience the competitive thrill of Valorant on this sleek machine, and if so, at what performance level.

So, can Surface Pro 9 run Valorant. Let’s see if the Surface Pro 9 can become your next Valorant weapon.

Surface Pro 9 Specs

Can Surface Pro 9 Run Valorant

The Surface Pro 9 boasts impressive specs for productivity tasks, but gaming requires a different kind of muscle. Let’s focus on the key components that influence gaming performance.


The Surface Pro 9 comes in two processor flavors: Intel 12th Gen i5 or i7 processors and the Microsoft SQ3 ARM processor. For Valorant, the Intel option reigns supreme. While the SQ3 boasts improved battery life, it’s not optimized for most PC games, including Valorant.


8GB of RAM is the minimum for Valorant, but 16GB is highly recommended for smooth gameplay. Multitasking and background applications also eat into RAM, so 16GB provides a buffer for a better overall experience.

Integrated Graphics

The Surface Pro 9 relies on integrated graphics, either Intel Iris Xe or the Adreno GPU in the SQ3 model. For Valorant, the Intel Iris Xe is the better option, but it’s not a dedicated graphics card.

Valorant System Requirements

To understand if the Surface Pro 9 can handle Valorant, let’s compare its specs to the game’s system requirements.

Can You Stream a 4K Movie on a 1080p TVAs you can see, the Surface Pro 9 with the Intel processor meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for Valorant. However, the recommended specs suggest a more powerful setup for optimal performance.

Can Surface Pro 9 Run Valorant? 

So, can you fire up Valorant on your Surface Pro 9? The answer is a qualified yes! Here’s a breakdown based on different configurations.

Intel i5 with 8GB RAM

This configuration will likely run Valorant, but expect lower graphical settings and potentially fluctuating frame rates.

Intel i5 with 16GB RAM

This setup offers a smoother experience with the ability to bump up some graphics settings. You might still need to tweak settings for intense competitive play.

Intel i7 with 16GB RAM

This is the sweet spot for the Surface Pro 9. You can expect consistent performance with most graphical settings on medium to high.

Optimizing Your Surface Pro 9 for Valorant

Even with a capable processor, you can squeeze out some extra performance with a few tweaks. Valorant offers a range of graphical settings. Tuning them down, particularly textures and shadows, can significantly improve frame rates. Unnecessary programs running in the background can steal precious resources. Close them before launching Valorant for a performance boost.

If your Surface Pro 9 struggles to meet your performance needs, cloud gaming services like GeForce Now or Xbox Cloud Gaming can be a viable alternative. These services stream the game from powerful servers, allowing you to play on almost any device with a decent internet connection.

Final Thoughts

The Surface Pro 9 can definitely run Valorant, especially with the Intel processor and sufficient RAM. However, it’s important to manage expectations. While you can achieve playable frame rates, high refresh rate competitive play might be a challenge due to limitations of integrated graphics.

The Surface Pro 9 excels as a portable productivity machine that can handle some casual gaming on the side. If hardcore competitive Valorant is your priority, a dedicated gaming laptop with a discrete graphics card would be a better fit.


Q. Can I run Valorant on the Surface Pro 9 with the SQ3 processor?
A. The SQ3 processor is not optimized for most PC games, including Valorant. While some ARM-based games are emerging, Valorant isn’t currently compatible.

Q. What are some alternative games I can play on the Surface Pro 9?
A. The Surface Pro 9 with the Intel processor can handle many popular titles, especially esports titles like League of Legends, CS:GO, and Overwatch on lower settings. Additionally, many indie games and older titles with less demanding graphics requirements will run smoothly.

Q. How can I check if a specific game will run on my Surface Pro 9?
A. There are several resources to check game compatibility. You can visit the game’s official website or system requirements page.

Q. What are some upgrades I can consider to improve Valorant performance on my Surface Pro 9?
A. Since the Surface Pro 9 doesn’t allow for internal upgrades like adding a dedicated graphics card, the best option is to ensure you have enough RAM. Upgrading to 16GB of RAM will provide a noticeable performance boost compared to 8GB.