Bluesky adds a way to see your own likes

Bluesky also adds a way to see your own likes

Bluesky, the emerging social media platform, continues to evolve its features by introducing new functionalities to enhance user experience. In response to its rival Threads’ recent update, Bluesky has launched a new addition that allows users to view their own likes.

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This feature comes in the form of a dedicated tab in the settings called “Your Likes.” With this addition, users can conveniently access a list of posts they have liked, giving them a personalized perspective on their interactions within the platform.

This move by Bluesky is part of its ongoing efforts to offer a user-friendly and engaging environment. The platform has been steadily introducing updates to keep pace with competitors and cater to its growing user base. This latest feature aligns with the trend of platforms enhancing user control and visibility over their activity.

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As the social media landscape continues to evolve, Bluesky’s strategic approach to feature development showcases its commitment to staying relevant and responsive to user needs. Users can look forward to exploring this new “Your Likes” tab as part of their Bluesky experience.