Are curved TVs good for gaming? (Answered)

are curved tvs good for gaming

TVs have been a vital part of home entertainment for decades now. But with the advent of new age technology and newer innovations, TVs have changed a lot.

From being a simple rectangular box to a wide variety of curved TVs, TVs have evolved from being one of the most basic requirements in homes to something that is sought after by most people nowadays. One such innovation that has been introduced in recent years is curved TVs which has been termed as one of the best things to come out for gamers.

Curved TVs were first introduced in 2013. While they went through various iterations with some manufacturers going as far as adding features similar to phones and tablets on them, they are no longer as popular as they used to be when they were introduced to the consumer market.

Should you buy a curved TV? Are curved TVs good for gaming? This article answers these questions and other questions you might have about curved TVs.

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What are curved TVs?

Curved TVs are TVs that have a curvature to their screens. Some people find them more attractive than flat-screen TVs while others feel curved TVs don’t live up to their hype and are just an eyesore in rooms.

What are the advantages of a curved screen TV?

The curved screen provides an immersive experience while you are watching videos and playing games. It does so by providing a wider field of view and more height to the viewing area. It also allows you to see colors in a more natural way because the curvature helps distribute light evenly across the screen.

The wider field of view ensures that there is no blind spot when you are watching your favorite show or playing your favorite game. The greater height gives you more space for an uninterrupted movie experience without any black bars on either side.

You will be able to enjoy colors in a more natural way with a curved TV because it distributes light evenly across the screen, without any shadows or reflections from lights in your room.

What’s more, curved TVs seem to be quite attractive and eye-catching.

Disadvantages of curved TVs

Although curved TVs seem to be quite attractive and eye-catching, they do have their own set of disadvantages.

A curved TV is not everyone’s cup of tea. One of the main disadvantages that people point out is that it is not as easy to mount these TVs on the wall. This might seem like a minor issue, but it makes sense when you consider how many people prefer to mount their TVs on the wall.

Curved TVs are heavier – especially in the back.

The other disadvantage worth highlighting is that curved TVs are not as ubiquitous as flat TVs. In fact, curved TVs are gradually going the way of the dinosaurs.

Is a curved TV better than a flat TV?

Aside from offering a better immersive experience (only by a small margin, that is), curved TVs do not have any significant advantage over flat TVs. In truth, there are no noticeable differences between curved and flat TVs with the same panel type in gameplay.  For gaming, we would recommend flat TVs.

Are curved TVs going away?

Yes, curved TVs are gradually fizzling out. However, it is unclear if or when curved TVs will go away completely.  We know that the demand for flat screens has been consistently growing and there are a lot of manufacturers who have stopped making curved TVs due to lack of demand.

How long do curved TVs last?

A curved TV should last as long as a flat-screen television would last, but the lifespan may vary depending on what you do with it. If you set your curved TV on a stand or mount it to the wall, then it should last just as long as any other television.

It is important to remember that the lifespan of a curved TV can be shortened when it is not handled properly.

Can a curved TV go on the wall?

If you have a curved TV, you should know that it can be mounted on the wall with an appropriate bracket or stand without any trouble at all.

Is a curved screen a gimmick?

Some people say that curved screens are just a gimmick, but there are many benefits of having one.  A curved screen provides an immersive experience while you are watching videos and playing games. So a curved screen is not a gimmick

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We’ve highlighted the benefits and drawbacks of curved TVs. Curved TVs are good for gaming because they create a greater sense of immersion and immersion leads to increased performance. But, the immersion is pronounced at close range.

Do not think of a curved TV as the only solution to improve the experience of playing video games. There are other factors such as resolution and refresh rate that also play a role in enhancing the gaming experience.

It is now clear that curved TVs are good for gaming, however, they do not offer any significant advantage over flat TVs.  A curved TV will only provide a more immersive viewing experience for some people, but not all. So getting a curved TV for gaming really comes down to personal preference.